Local Spotlight

A  Feature on  a vendor we work with 

Meals Made Easy 

Website: mealsmadeeasysh.org 

Instagram: mealsmadeeasy.sh 

Phone: (216)268-9840 


My name is Sediah Hamzah and I am the 

creator and owner of Meals Made Easy, 

which serves as a local meal prep and 

personal chef company, specializing in 

plant-based foods. Meals Made Easy came 

about in 2016 during the time in which I was 

a stay at home mom. While pregnant with 

my second child, the doctors informed me 

that my daughter was failing to thrive in my 

womb, it was then that I began to teach 

myself about nutrition and how I can heal 

myself and my daughter through food. As 

my interest grew, it led me to pursue a 

career as a Personal Chef and Health and 

Holistic Wellness Coach. 

As I continue to leap forward in my career, I 

am excited to be apart of this journey with 

Picnics by the lake. I spend my summers 

with my two children always at a park with a 

picnic in tow, so this new adventure is very 

close to my heart! I can’t wait to serve you 

all fresh delicious and exotic Charcuterie