What even is this?

Picnics by the Lake is a special occasion picnic, with none of the work. We wanted to provide a cool, unique experience for people who need to get out of the house. We take the average picnic and step it up. We set it up, tear it down and provide everything you would need.

What do you provide?

Every package varies slightly on what is provided, but our standard included items are blankets, pillows, dishes, flatware, décor, fresh flowers, linen napkins, glass ware, water and a bread basket, candles and lanterns. As well as set up and tear down of the picnic.

How much does it cost?

Each package is a different cost, and we offer custom built picnics for those who want something truly unique. However our packages range from $125-$140. There are also add on services that can change the cost depending on the services you choose. Everything is up to you! Check our Packages & Add-Ons for all pricing.

Where are these awesome picnics?

We can set them up almost anywhere. We have a page of recommended Locations that we have scouted for perfect views. Public spaces are always available. However we can come to your home and set up indoors or outside. If there is a special place you'd like to have your picnic we will try to make it happen for you, although there may be an additional cost.

What about Covid? What are your precautions for clients?

Our picnics are a great option to stay safe during these times. You never interact face to face with anyone. We stay long enough for you show up, we leave, and come back right before your time is over. We also clean and disinfect EVERYTHING! From the tarp we lay to prevent wet pants, to the vases your flowers are in. EVERY SINGLE THING IS CLEANED BETWEEN CLIENTS! That will always be our standard no matter what. We also wear masks and gloves to set up and tear down. All employees have been certified to manage safety of every Client by taking the John Hopkins Covid Tracing course.

Still have questions? Send us a message on our Contact Us page.